Mkv 1080p stutter buffer problem

Ok, I am getting constant stuttering and rebuffering every 10sec or so when streaming 1080p .mkv files from my NFS. I have a wired cat5e 1Gb network and can see transfer rates around 90MB/s so I don’t think it’s a bandwidth problem. Although I am using a Asus Router Rt-n66u router with a Netgear GS105 switch.

Also I am able to stream the same file through the same network to a PC and play it fine using PLEX or VLC clients, not problems at all. Only when I stream to WD do I get the stuttering and constant buffering.

Any help getting these to stream smoothly? Thanks!

UPDATE: Turns out this is only if I use the Plex Media Server! Directly to the file and even my old WHS v1 Twonky DLNA server streams it 100% good. So something is up with Plex’s DLNA server and the WD box.

Cool, haven’t tried Plex’s DLNA myself, I use tversity.