Mixing Nasware 2.0 and 3.0


I’d like to extend my NAS 4x3TB (Nasware 2.0) with 2x3TB (Nasware 3.0) to 6 HDD’s in one RAID 5. Is it possible to extend it without getting issues, cause Nasware 2.0 supports only 1-5 Bay NAS?

or can I extend it with Nasware 2.0/3.0 Mix up to max. 8 HDD’s?

NAS System: FreeNAS 9.3.0 without a RAID Hardware Controller

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I do not see any problem with this although i have not tried it, But if you notice the model of the drive does not vary if the drive is on Nasware 2.0 or 3.0, but lets see if another user can share some tips and information on this matter. 

you can mix them… no problem

I have had arrays with greens, blues, reds, red pros, golds and shucked from usb whites all mixed, some red 2.0 some are 3.0
I have swapped them about in a few different configurations over the years.
I still have a 2tb that works and I’ve just ordered 2 14tbs
I’ve only ever lost 1 drive and it was under warranty and that was probably my fault (it might have been shaken a few times on a wobbly table)

The amount of drives it’s rated for is mainly vibration (AS FAR AS I WAS AWARE ANYWAY)

but just you can mix. (You should be able to mix by brand / size / class / interface / speed / technology as long as the software stack can handle it.
I use unraid and synology so I’m not limited to 1 drive size per array.
You might have to match sizes for your array but that is a software thing.