Missing WD software fro computer

Firstly let me say that I’m a complete novice with any kind of technology, I have been interested in using computers for years but still know NOTHING.  I’m saying this just incase I’m asking for help with something that a child could easily fix.

Recently I was given a link from the support team to fix my WD My Book Essential that was always telling me I can’t close it down as it is still running, WHICH IT WAS NOT.  Once I clicked on the link, not only can’t I find my files now, I can’t find the WD My Book Essential anywhere on the drive.  The only thing that I can see is the WD icon which is on my Task Bar which another support team helped me to add it to the Task Bar a long time ago.  When I click on that all I get is the WD Home Page showing Dropbox, but NO files, nothing else?  Any suggestion to rectify this problem would be very appreciated, otherwise I will have to buy a new external hard drive.  Also can anyone tell me how much it costs to use Dropbox?

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Is your hard drive at least detected in Disk Management? If so, is it listed as RAW? Does it have a drive letter? Disk Management access instructions are available in the following link:


In order to verify Dropbox pricing, please visit their official site for additional information:


Thank Trancer for the quick reply.  No, I couldn’t find my WD My Book Essential anywhere in the Disk Manager, or anywhere else on my computer, it just seemed to vanish.  Anyway, there is some good news, I will not need any more help with this problem as I have purchased a New WD My Book Essentials from Tesco and will receive it on thursday.  I will now be able to have a look inside the old one and see how it works.  As I said before, I’m a complete novice when it comes to technology and as they say “every little bit helps”.  Once again thank you for all your  help Trancer