Missing rubber ring

Good day,

I bought HD TV Live Hub few days ago. I was using it few times and I´ve noticed a bit disturbing noise. When I looked closer I found that the one rubber ring on the bottom of the live hub (on the AC plug side) is missing. 

It seems no rubber ring was ever there, no clue in the hole.

Because of this the live hub is not completely stable and it resonates.

I would like to ask you if is this by desing or is it just misfortune? 

My HDTV Live HUB is completely new and was packed in original foil. 

Thank you 

Welcome to the forum!  :)

If by “rubber ring” you mean one of the 4 rubber “feet” on the bottom of the unit, there should be 4: one foot on each corner.

If yours is missing one, it’s not intentional and you should contact WD support for a replacement foot or (probably quicker) return the unit to the store for a completely new unit.

Yes, I meant rubber feet :slight_smile:

Thank you for quick answer.