Missing icon on desktop mac

I’m not great with computers but i do try.  I just  installed a wd book for mac 1tb 2.0 desktop drive.  While i was wondering around i clicked the arrow beside one of the two icons on my desktop.  The icon disappeared only leaving the mybook icon.  The icon that disappeared looked like a cd and would let me get access to a window with a bunch of folders including one that looks like a lock.  No i can’ get access to the window.  How do i restore the icon to my desktop and what is the name or function of the icon.  Thanks for your help

Richard  Sullivan

You may want to disconnect & reconnect the drive to your computer to verify if the WD SmartWare icon comes up. The WD SmartWare virtual CD contains the backup software, manual and drivers of the hard drive.  Let me know if it comes up after reconnecting the drive…