Missing Functionality in OS5 should be in release notes please

  1. Loss of full file information in list screen in remote access, was in OS3 but gone in OS5, please refer attached screenprints
  2. Loss of Sort by date functionality in remote access, please refer attached screenprint
  3. Loss of Copy functionality in Remote Access, only Move is possible



I believe this FAQ is what you are looking for;

It’s not easy to find. . . . . it took me a while.

The lack of “Copy” and the lack of ability to work with multiple devices at once is worthy of note.

Note that I did not find a similar list of OS3/OS5 dashboard/local features. The tweaks for the functionality are much less obvious to the user. I suspect there are SIGNIFICANT changes under the hood. . .just wish I knew what they were (beyond stating “using new linux kernal”).

One minor thing: OS5 devices now show CONSISTENTLY in the Windows file explorer . . .a small thing that really makes me happy.

I was referring to this: Firmware Release Note v5.02.134 under “known issues / limitations”. I think this is what most people will first refer to and it should be correct and not “surprise” people later with things that disappeared without warning.
The other point I forgot to mention, is that in the OS5 app under “Rename” I still can only rename the file not change the file extension. This is also pretty significant and people need to know it’s gone.

The info in the document you refer to seems to be actively wrong, so maybe I understand it wrong??? For instance, it claims that under OS5, sort by date or size, is available. Not on MY ios app (I did download the slightly newer one)???

@scb99 My Cloud OS 5 Mobile app (iOS) sort is available under the file and folder view but you have to tap the “Name” to short.

I do apologise, I had assumed that clicking on name just reversed a-z or z-a, in fact the other sort options appear.
I don’t think this is great design tbh. More important, it’s a bit stupid that when you sort by size, the actual size remains invisible on the list screen. Full date and size info should be displayed on the list screen as the OS3 app already did. And this is sufficiently important that it should be noted on the release notes as a change imo.
Thanks for the response