Missing File

Hi good day to all, got a problem with some of my video files caus its missing when i plug my external hd to my pc there are 170 files then when i plug it on the wd tv live wifi the model is ( WDBHG70000NBK) it is still 170 / 170 so its ok but when i search of these one video it can’t be found and when i try to play all the videos one by one i saw this video with another name but plays the original file. i was wondering what the problem is my hd or my player? hope for the fast reply


I don’t see why it should be a problem with the device if it’s just one file

did you try renaming the file?

You may plug the drive to the computer, then delete the .wdtv folder, this won’t deleted any of your files.  When you plug it back to the WD TV it will recreate the media library, contained in the aforementioned folder.

actually i did try and delete the file then recopied it but still the same outcome >.<

can i rename the file without using a computer i mean can i do it with the wd tv live itself?

it sounds like you may have some file corruption going on.  try plugging the drive into the pc and playing those files.  see if you get the same results.  if you have windows you can try running error checking.  that will sometimes correct it.  it has for me. 

I don’t know if this es closely related to your problem but I recentry copies and watched an .mp4 video file stored on a hard disk connected to my Live TV…and now, 4 days later the file is missing, isn’t there. That happened before with the seame file, but when it disappeared I blamed it on me “assuming” that I didnt really copied the file…now that I really did watch the video and ot’s gone would like to know what is happening…

Thank you all for reading this…and hope to hear from you soon…