Missing drive inside RMA shipment parcel

I sent 5 drives inside one single parcel to Vietnam RMA. However, WD reported they only had received 4 drives, 1 drive inside the box was missed.

During the packing, I check several times. There were 5 drives. All serial numbers are accurately printed on the Customs Clearance document.
This is very weird. 4 identical Purple and 1 Red. The one missed is a Purple placed in the middle. Quite ridiculous.

My courier service is Hong Kong Post (HKP), they traced and said that no abnormal message feed back from Vietnam Customs(VC) and Vietnam Post(VP). She could request a detail report from VC and VP to prove on behalf of me. However, WD as the addressee must fill in the General Post form “CN 24” and submit to VP claiming that WD only received 4 drives. Hence, my courier could send the investigation request to VC and I may claim insurance if the problem exists on Vietnam sides.

I told all these to WD support by case channel (060519-13873652). Emails received show that it is not responsive enough. The current status is escalating to upper supervisor level but no feedback.

Why don’t WD re-check the parcel? If there are really 4 drives, why dare not to submit the claim form? I am not blaming whether staff miscounting or theft kinds. Perhaps it is the problem occurred on Vietnam Customs or Vietnam Post. However, WD should be co-operative and follow procedures and be responsive.

What I feel now is time wasting on case routing and getting more difficult to find out the missing drive.

This case could be closed because WD contacts me today. They have located where the missing drive is.