Missing aMule support on OS5

Since you won’t support aMule which P2P app will be supported?
To me this is a nogo for the update.

@Kiwivda The aMule app is not supported on My Cloud OS 5.

This is half reply, and the part we all already know. What about P2P support?

@Kiwivda P2P Downloads App included in My Cloud OS 3 is not supported in My Cloud OS 5.

There will be a new one for OS5 or to keep this feature I will have to stick with OS3 forever?

So, what?

eMule app will probably be supported by WDCommunity one of these days.

In the mean time you could use https://github.com/tokkenno/emule-docker

Ok thanks I’ll give it a try on my second NAS.

So now there’s a client for the emule network available?