Missing a file

This is never happened before. Yesterday I could not find a word document I have spent six months creating. I have my cloud home duo, so all files are stored on both drives. Unfortunately, I could not find a way to access the backup drive. I need help to restore my file.

the second drive is not a backup drive. it is a mirrored drive for redundancy in case of hardware failure. It is an exact copy of the first drive so if the file is not stored on the first drive it is also not on the mirrored drive.

Ok, the file was there on December 11 and it was gone on December 12, what can I do about it.

I am missing a file, too. Yesterday at 5 pm it was there. And now it is gone. Horror. What can I do? (Kapitel 1 is ok, Kapitel 2 is missing).

@Zuzan the screenshot is of your C:\ Drive on Windows Computer

I know. There is no origin data file. Only a link. From 5pm. Proof that it had been real.