Missing 2.5 GB on WD My Passport 2 TB

When I connected my WD My Passport 2TB just after unpacking it and opened Properties tab on Windows 7 I saw

Free space   1997451599872 = 1860.27 GiB

Total space   2000364236800 = 1862.98 GiB

So the disk should have 2.71 GiB of preinstalled data on it, but I could only find

257368064 = 245.44 MiB = 0.24 GiB

Where is the missing 2.47 GiB

I made a disk image using Acronis and that too only found ~0.25GiB

Whenever I move a folder from internal HDD to external HDD, the folder modification time changes, is this normal?
Should I reformat my drive?
Also, will it be the same after reformatting and copying disk image from WD website?
Will the hardware encryption system and other device information as in device manager remain the same?


No problem with the WD External HDD.:smiley::flushed:

The problem is with Microsoft Windows OS which reserves some space on any NTFS partition. On further testing I have found that there is no such problem when the drive is used on GNU/Linux OS. However I couldn’t check this on Mac OS.

As soon as the drive is opened in Windows Explorer the space is reserved in some weird way that it is only visible when using DiskViewer (from Microsoft TechNet).


Check the link below, It should explain the difference for you.


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