Mirror edition - verify that it is working

Curious (maybe dumb) question.

I have a My Book 1TB Mirror edition, had it for 2 years, and am not sure if it’s ever been backing up files or not. How do I know for sure that this is working properly? The hard drive’s getting a little old, and I don’t want to lose anything. I’ve already been through that once.

I have the HD Manager installed, and it says it’s “healthy” with about 80GB of 500GB remaining, but it doesn’t give me any information about what might be going on with the second drive.

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Never mind. I saw some other posts where there is no other way to verify this with the software, and that you can only test this by physically pulling drives. That’s some baaad design. 


chadlwilliams, the nature of the RAID Mirror, when you backup, copy or put any data in the main drive, it will automatically copy to the other drive, it is how it works. You will not have access to the other drive, as a matter of security and this will ALWAYS work, as long as the RAID status is healthy and there is not any issues with the drives.

If there is any issue with any of the drives the software will report it.