Mionet stopped / unregistered

I new to the community, would appreciate any help.

I have a My Book World Edition (white light) which I bought some time ago. I have never used Mionet, so it doesn’t bother me that until now it always had the status “stopped / unregistered”. Now I’m trying to access my photos and archives from outside my local network, and it seems to be the way.

Recently I updated the firmware using the automatic mode. Latter I tried to update the Mionet firmware manually has described in another posts, but it says that the firmware I trying to update is a wrong version.

The problem seems to be the same described in the post  http://community.wdc.com/t5/Other-Network-Drives/mionet-not-starting-out-of-the-box/td-p/145352.

Thanks a lot,


Have you activate the mionet services on the mionet website?

Remember that you need to create a user for mionet.

Check on page 54 of the user manual