Migrate to Synology - process?


I have recently acquired a Synology 2 bay DS718+ NAS to replace my WD MyCloud Mirror Gen2 as I was looking for transcoding on the fly. My WD myCloud is configured in RAID1 mode (not at full capacity, 50% used approx).

Now I would like to use my Synology with my 2 existing drives, but I understand there is a formatting to be done, so will lose my data (which i need to preserve). Note: I have a single empty brand new WD Red drive that can be used during the process if needed.

If someone can explain me in simple terms a step by step process on how i should do to migrate for my above setup, i would be most grateful.

many thanks in advance!


You can get in touch with any one WD or Synology, they can tell you the better resolution.