Migrate data to a new HDD

I was running my NAS with a common 2TB HDD (non NAS ready, its usage it’s for Desktops, Seagate ST2000DM001).

Now, I’ve bought a WD NAS Red 4TB SATA3 (model WDC WD40EFRX-68WT0N0) and it’s been fitted within the NAS.

What I would like is to migrate the data stored within the old HDD into the new one, is there any option to do so? I want to leave the folders as is, with every option untouched. Otherwise, which method would you follow to migrate the whole data? I want to remove that drive from the NAS and attach it to my Desktop computer afterwards.

Thanks in advance!

Unfortunately, this may not be possible,

While the unit allows you to migrate from JBOD (1 Disk) to RAID 1 (Mirror; 2 disks), a RAID volume may automatically fail when created with vastly different hard drives.

I’d recommend copying your data into a separate location.

Thanks for your answer.

Would it be right to clone the 2TB old drive into the new 4TB and then expand it? I usually do this using Ubuntu and dd rescue, but I’m not sure if it’ll work here…

RAID volumes must be created from scratch.