(Might be false alarm) USB dirve not reachable through windows network after some time

The network cable is somehow loose a bit, fixed ! will see how it works

Hi, all

Just bought a WD TV Live. Connected to 100M wired LAN and a USB drive. Window network can access the USB drive will the box is playing something, but if the box idle for a while, (I have shut down the receiver that connected but WD TV live itself and USB hard drive all on), the USB drive is not accessable. I have to turn off then turn on the box then it works again. My USB dirve is not a WD one.

I tried to ‘ping’ the device, as I give static IP to it, and this is ok most of the time. The firmware is the latest official release, (can not remember the version, could be 1.0.14 or something). 

Not sure if it is in sleeping mode, I did not find option to ask it NOT to do that. Neither find a way to wake up it through network.

Any idea? thanks in advance.

Just saw a post: Troubleshooting Windows File Sharing…

I am reading…

Seems the “Trouble shooting Windows network…” is for a network share that never correctly happened. But in my case, it works well when the box is ‘hot’.

Have exactly the same problem:

device: WD TV Live Plus 1.04.17_B

hard drive: Fantom GreenDrive 2TB.

Instead of turning off/on I select USB drive though the menu, but that’s the problem nevertheless.


Mine problem (addressed above) is identified as false alarm. LAN connection problem, fixed.

I did use an old USE drive is a 500G that bought 2 years ago, it seems after the box and USB drive cooling for several hours, then the USB drive failed to wake up. The USB light on WD TV box flashed for a few seconds then off.

I suspect that is because of the firmware of the old hard drive. But your hard drive seems very new, shouldn’t be a problem. Try some other hard drive if possible, see if the failure repeatable.