Microsoft Access Crash AFter using WD_My_Cloud App

I’ve been exporting to an Excel Spreadsheet from Microsoft Access; then uploading it to My_Cloud for several months. The computer on which this takes place is running Windows 7.

After the latest software upgrade to the WD App for Windows, after uploading the spreadsheet, If I try to reopen Access, it will not open, reporting a problem.

If I reboot the Windows computer, Access will re-load itself and all runs normally until after I next try to upload to MyCloud.

To avoid this, I’ve gone back to moving the exported spreadsheet to a flash drive.

Any ideas on what’s happening?


Are you using the latest version of the app that came out on 7/28/2014? If not, try updating the app.

Link to the latest version.

Hi George,

I’m using the WD My Cloud Desktop App 1.0.5 on Windoows 7 Pro.

I’ve created an Access Table and exported it to excel. 

I uploaded it to the WDMyCloud device 

opened Access 

and it worked fine.

I’ve also tried to open the excelsheet from the Desktop app and open access at the same time.

I’m not able to reproduce this issue. May you please help me list down what steps you are taking for this crash?

Also, does this happen every time you upload the excel to the application? does it happen with other file types (Word, PowerPoint, etc)

Actually, the problem came about after updating to the latest app.

I just wondered if anyone else had encountered this and could offer a solution or work-around.

On an inconvenience scale from 1 to 10, this rates about a 1.4.


I’ve only tried it with the Excel file.

The steps are:

Use a saved export the export the entire database to an excel file.

Open the file with Excel, make a trivial change to one cell and save it.

Open the WD app, select the desired share, and drag the file icon to the share.

Close the window showing the share.

No other programs on the Windows 7 Computer seem to be affected.

If I attempt to open Access, I get an error message (cannot recall the exact contents).

If I shut down the computer, reboot, and then open Access, Access performs some internal rebuilding and then runs normally.

This started after updating to the latest WD app for Windows.

(I use a Mac at home)