Microcrawler failing to create thumbnails

I’ve had to reset my mionet account and WorldBook and now WD Photos is really playing up!  I can see individual folders and the photos within the folders, but when I try to select those photos I get a blank page and, occasionally a message telling me that there is a network error!  I looked in the mionet log and there were loads of these messages:

01/21 17:51:05  MyBookWorld syslog.err miocrawler: *** failed to create thumbnail /CacheVolume/transcodingcache/215AAD4E7D094108A55F396BF5692AFE.496279C2.jpg, source /shares/Public/Shared Pictures/2009/Monsal Head Walk/CSC_0357.JPG

Any ideas?



Have you tried reinstalling the app?