Metadata not always downloading

I posted this in the problem section but havent had much luck. Apologies if posting it here is the wrong thing to do.

I have the WD TV Live Streaming unit and I love it. Works an absolute dream.

Not really an issue, more annoying but not every movie downloads picture art.

Is there a way to update an individual .avi and force it to download the metadata ?

Or even correct one that could be wrong ?

Appreciate any input that can be offered.

Is there actually picture art available from the database to download. You can access the database yourself and check. You can also add missing art.

If you want to add or replace what’s there, you can scroll to the movie, and select OPTIONS -> RESCAN INFO.

I did think there would be a rescan option under OPTIONS but unfortunately that is not the case ?

I am pretty sure the art would be in the database - I’d need to confirm it but there are more missing items then not.

I also wondered if there was a way in thumbnail view to see what the movie is about - but I suspect I would have to change my view for that.

Thanks for the feedback,

All views show thumbs. If you don’t have the rescan info option, then that means either there is no info there to start with, in which case “get content info” should be there, or your content source is not set to My Media Library.

your content source is not set to My Media Library. ?

Scuse my stupidity but this means ?

Press the red button and choose My Media Library.

I was struggling with this too.  Eventually realized that by clicking “Options” on the movie i could manually force the metadata to be added – it wasn’t happening automatically for some movies because there were multiple movies with the same/similar names (example, “Taken” – I wanted the 2008 Liam Neeson one, but there was also one from several years earlier, and there’s now also Taken 2).  So i guess the metamanager won’t automatically pick one where it isn’t sure, and you will have to select manually from the choices it provides.  Now that i know this it is extremely easy to do, takes about 5 seconds from the couch with a few clicks of the remote, and adds all the metadata files to my shared movie folder. 

still not sure what I did but it had something to do with the content sources. all good. I can now choose options and get content info and correct wrong metadata.

many thanks for the help everyone.