Meta data for Live TV Plus

Got WD Live TV Plus up and running fine.  Starting to convert my DVD collection (300+) on a file server using Mpeg2 encoding.  Other than title have not been able to get any other information to display (i.e Genre, ratings, cover art).  What’s the best way to do this?  I prefer not to have to go to mpeg4 as the conversion takes to long.  Any suggested programs to convert and edit the metadata appreciated.  Thanks.

There is no MetaData for the Live Plus.   It’s only for the Live Hub.

You CAN have Cover Art, which is just a jpeg file with the same name as the movie file:

My Movie.mpg

My Movie.jpg

I do not use coverart with tags / meta-data (yet) but I thought there were a couple ways to do so…? One way is called Tvixie. You can find it, just do a web search.

 I use b.Rad’s custom firmware and movie sheets generated by ThumbGen. Maybe a little extreme if you are just looking for MetaData, but it also adds functionality such as USB Hub support, custom wallpapers, external DVD / Blu-Ray support, app plugins for things like weather, RSS feeds, etc.