Message - There is no media in the current folder - Trying to create Video Playlist

I have a WD USB drive connected, I want to  create a playlist to sort movies my kids, drama…etc.  When I click on playlist it gives the above messge ? i have created a playlist both in WMP and Itunes, still cannot see the playlist. ?

thoughts ?


I still havent made a playlist yet… I havent needed too… I just organize my files into different folders… and sub folders… so i have shows and movies as two folders… then in shows i have subfolders that have all of that show in them…

you can do the same… example… moview, kids, drama… as folders then just put the files in there… when ur watching them and one ends it will take you back to the file select… but if u hit the next chapter button it will take you to the next show in order…

the only problem with this is if you want a to be in two folders… well if thats the case i sugest putting it in a folder where it will be most viewed… example if its a kids movie and a movie you want to watch put it in the kids folder… that way they dont have to go navigating for it…

If it gives playlist as a menu option, how comes there’s no information on how to create one? I’ve Googled and can’t actually find a solution

If it gives playlist as a menu option, how comes there's no information on how to create one? I've Googled and can't actually find a solution

well. it is not that hard. and actually it  is done with the same method as you are doing with your mp3 files using let me say winamp. just select your files form the disk and save them as a play list. the point is you may have to edit file directory references in the playlist file regarding the directory structure of your disk.

The easiest way would be to create a folder with all the music videos in and press ok on the first one and set repeat all.

It should be possible creating playlists, just make one in your favorite movie player on your computer and save it with relative paths, like








so it shouldn’t be something like:

C:\Document and Settings\My Documents\Downloads\video\music\artist\song.avi

if u use the full path the WDTV won’t find it.

also check the link below for more info