Menus? help

hi i am have problems with my wd tv live hd media menus. i’ve connected my pc to player and can access the files under video/music/photos etc… but when i select the first catergory all my video files are displayed without sub directories but i want them in folders organised. when i select series nothing comes under that directory or even recorded tv but the only choice that keeps it organsied is when i select folders or directory down the bottom then it is catergoryised in the right folders rather than displayed all together in one folder. eg series\heroes or series\seinfield… whereas all the files are bunched together without the initial directory then sub directory.

does anyone know what i mean? i’m just wondering is there any way to edit the catorgories? so the files are organised into folders at the start of the selection process.

also i’m not using net share is that the problem. i’m just using my modem wired cable from my pc.


I don’t understand how you’re connecting to the PC.  You say you’re not using SHARES, so that only means you could be using a MEDIA SERVER.   

If that’s the case, it’s up to the MEDIA SERVER software to decide how it presents the information.

Net Shares will help in that regard, it will maintain the folder structure that you have on the PC.

However, net shares have their own limitations, too.