Memory Allocation FAIL on wdmcserver

I found my My Cloud EX2 not responding on the web interface, lights are going nuts and even ssh would get stuck on every other command.

So I go and do a

ps -A

Look who is trying to allocate practically a 1.5GB of memory:


3950 root 1425m R /usr/local/wdmcserver/bin/wdmcserver -v /tmp/Volumes.xml

 C’mon WD, you got to be kidding, right!? The poor unit only has 512MB of RAM.

How can this be sent to the proper WD developer to fix it (relatively quickly)?

Because right now my unit is as good as dead, since I cannot figure out what is causing wdmcserver to **bleep** the life out of it.

The double whammy is that a factory restore doesn’t do any good since wdmcserver would kick back in after setting up the unit.

By the way, it has the latest firmware 1.05.30.


On this case I recommend you to contact support directly, they will probably request the EX2 logs to have more information on what is causing the problem. 

  Contact WD