MediaTomb folders - add to Media Library?


I have a FoxSat receiver that has MediaTomb added to it.  This means my WDTV can play files recorded on the FoxSat, and even pick up the ‘live feed’ that the FoxSat is receiving.

My WDTV also accesses videos on a network share to my PC.

I know I can add a network share folder to my Media Library (and even set it to refresh itself) but can I add a folder from my MediaTomb (media server source) as well?

Want to have all media is the same location to make it easy to access it!

My grilfriend won’t be pleased with being told … press the red button to switch source, now choose media servers, now choose MediaTomb, now the Videos folder … for films … choose red to switch source, network shares, opt720, movies …

I realise that’s not really that onerous but I’d prefer one list to pick from but can’t see how to make a media server’s folder go into the library?

btw.  I am rolled back to 1.4.12 as otherwise I lose Dolby Digital and DTS to my sound bar (via optical).  I am hoping my request above isn’t something a post-1.4.12 release added!



It is not possible to add a media server to the list of locations that the WDTV will scan for the media library.

im looking to do the same, how does your wdtv do when talking to the sat box, does it stream the live channel and the recordings? can you stream hd channels/recordings?