Medialibrary unable to get Infos for German Content, unable to search correct based on Filenames

Apart of the allready reported Bug the Medialibrary does not detect any Content based on Filenames if there are any Infos after the actual Title eg “The.Movie.2011.German.Xvi.avi” if not detected, but “The.Movie.avi” is, but then it downloads or displays ONLY English Metadata to select.

Would be nice to fix the Searchalgorythm so that it ignores Stuff behind the Title or simply detect it meaningless of whatever is added behind the Title and also displays not only Eneglish Metadata but also other Localisation, perhaps wise to actualy read the “.German.” Tag also and present the German Metacontent then instead of the English, i expect more Inteligence from the Medialibrary Indexer, else its completly useless for nonEnglish People or People like my who have English, German, French, Japan,…  Content because they are able to understand more than only English.

And anyway, where ist the Medialibrary Database saved? Propably on a hidden Partition on the Hub, which is very unwise, because if it would be on the normal Partition, it would be possible for People like my to code a external Application to index the Stuff faster and also correctly and then save the Database directly there…

But who Knows, perhaps WD  expects that i actualy hack the Hub first to be able to use the Medialibrary Database?

Wow.   You’re making a whole lot of ■■■■ up in your bunch of posts.

The fact that the “Get Content Info” won’t match a filename if it has a bunch of ■■■■ that obviously indicates you’re pirating movies, is NOT a bug.    It’s the way it was designed to work…  it looks for the name of the movie assuming you know how to name a movie!    

And, last time I checked,  it WILL display foreign language information if such information is present in the TMDB database.   Do you have a specific title to use as an example that is not working that way?

 Propably on a hidden Partition on the Hub, which is very unwise, because if it would be on the normal

Partition, it would be possible for People like my to code a external Application to index the Stuff faster

You haven’t read a SINGLE THREAD, have you?

This has been answered dozens of times, and such applications already exist.

Ahh, so because i if the Year, foreign Languages or the encoding Algorythm is added to the Filename, the dumb WD Algo thinks People are pirating movies and then reports nothing or only English Content? Interesting, very Interesting!

And for the Database, where is it, i don’t found any on the visible Partition?! I don’t speak about the silly XML and Pictures but also the Database itself, where it is saved also if i can’t find it? In the Flash? In a hidden Partition?

Here an Example:


will only show up

The Emperors New Groove 2, Kronk’s something

In Fact i never got any German or Frech Title and Picture meaningless if the Filename was written Englisch, German or Frecnh, only English Meta will be presented…

But who knows, perhaps its another Bug (like àèéöäü  not passed) that causes the Bug, who knows!?

The emperors new groove returned both English and spanish info. No German or French was returned because its not in the database.

Ok, so all my Titles are simply not in the Database then, and there are about 500 that was not detected, so are there any German or French Titles in the Database or none? Perhaps it should be possible to switch Databases that is used for requests then or also the edited XML should be used and not ignored, so that i can fix them myself.

But the other Thing concerning the detection is more annoying, i mean the Problem with additional Infos like Language, Algo, Resolution or what ever behind the actual Title not skipped or also hindering the correct Detection of the actual Title. I allways have to delete them in the Search before anything (only English of Course) is detected, this is very annoying and is certainly fixable.

Well, anyway, i can’t use the Medialibrary before the HDMI Standby Prob is fixed first, because it starts over indexing for Hours over and over after enabling the Device, so the only Solution is disable the Medialib Function until this is fixed for now… Its a shame that the Search for Filenames in actual Folder also don’t work without Medialib enabled, i’m pretty sure this is technicaly no Problem to do, because the Hub knows the Filelist if it can browse them, so why search only works with Medialib enabled?

Yeah, one Problem lead to another Problem it seems, very annoying…

Absolutely!   MOST of the XML is used, but the TITLE is NOT.    That is a BUG, and I hope it gets fixed SOON.

The problem with finding files is NOT with the WDTV Hub.   The problem is the DATABASE.    If you go search exactly the same way on the DATABASE provider’s website, you will not get matches, either.

The issue is with the Database provider ( that has a very strict search syntax.

The Hub just sends TMDB the title (the file name) and if TMDB doesn’t understand it, the Hub will not get a result.

  so why search only works with Medialib enabled?

The Hub’s LIBRARY is actually an SQLite database.   When doing SEARCHES, it’s performing searches against the SQL database, not doing a file search.    

Ok, then…

But concering the Searches, i would really appreciate  it if the HUB could search dependent of the Database in the Folder i’m currently in eg. searching in the actual browsed Filelist directly. Would be nice because i have Folders with thousands of Files in, so it would speed up the search a bit instead of klicking hunderts of time next page to reach it…

And because the Filelist is allready browsed and also in the Hubs Memory this is 100% possible to do.

Another Thing, allready mentioned in Ideas which could also help is a AlphaChar Based seek but the Search in the actual Folder would be better i think and certainly faster implemented.

And for the Database, where is this Database located? I can’t find it on the Local Partition and because of the Readonly Access on the NAS it can’t impossible be saved there, so it certainly on a hidden Partition or in the internal 2GB Flash?!?

But the searching can be more than the title…   You can search GENRE / Directors / Actors / etc.  That’s all stored in the SQL DB, which as you note, is on a hidden partition on the internal drive.

I know that i can search for more (if the Medialib is enabled and working) but if it is disabled then it should be possible to search the Filename without the hidden Database…

Anyway why it is hidden?

Why not simply save it on the internal HD where all the Sampledata is?

Also why the Pictures and XML are not just too saved on the internal HD?

For what the HUB got a 1TB Disk then?

I wish they would save everything including the lame Backdrop Thing there somehow and in a way i can manage it myself if i want… And also i want an Option to disable the Backdrop Thing if i don’t want it…

And also please Globaly so that i can search for all NASes at once, somewhere in the Prospect they write exactly that, but it isn’t working, its only working for one Device not for all.

Also perhaps it would be good to limit the indexing for the internal HD only or also to be able to define which Device should be indexing and which not…

Dunno, but for me the Medialibrary is broken like it is now!

Dunno, but for me the Medialibrary is broken like it is now!

Agree…everything which is not english does not work…

Even if it find’s the german title in the database it simpley replaces it with the english title which will make it impossible to find the movie afterwards.

There are other international databases which supports non english titles. So it would be great if you could start supporting it…

accents is known bug i reported it, dont think WD is gonna fix since thumbgen is around and firstobjects xml editor too

just create xmls with thumbgen the accents will show up as well as the original title whatever in french or german

Sad if you are a Mac Users :frowning:

But I tried to run ThumbGen on my Girlfriends PC and it simply crashes on my library. No time yet to look deeper into it…but it looks way to complicated if I “just” want to add some metadata to my files.

I’m starting to thing that I should have better got a Boxee Box…

But let’s see what the next updates will bring to the WD TV Live Hub