Media Won't Stream via DLNA but WILL play off USB stick

I have a very odd problem it seems.

I can load a video on a USB stick and plug it into my TV (Vizio D6501-B2) and it will see the file on the USB drive and play it.

I can put that exact same video on my mycloud box that is running WDMyCloud v04.01.04-422 : Core F/W   and the TV won’t even see it…or if it does it won’t play it over DLNA.

I can’t get a single movie to play over DLNA streamed from my mycloud box but I can take the same file to a USB drive and it will see and play it fine.

What in the world is going on??

Any help is greatly appreciated.


No question – of all TV’s I’ve used, Vizio’s DLNA client is the worst.

Vizio won’t even publish what video types are supported via DLNA or USB in their specifications / manuals.

Well that stinks…do you have any suggestions on what to do?

The weird thing is that the file WILL PLAY off the USB stick but WON’T PLAY off the mycloud over DLNA.

Nope, no suggestions.   

When I bought the Vizio, I had no intention of using DLNA – I just tried it out of curiousity and see the same issues as you.

It’s really not that unusual for TV’s to play some things via USB and other things via DLNA – it’s just poor software.