Media servers don't work after firmware update

I recently updated my WDMyCloud (original model) to firmware v04.05.00-342.

Before that, I could see my media served by DLNA. Now, DLNA serves nothing. It appears that even after a scan, I have zero items seen by DLNA.

Now there’s a new Twonky media server. This also appears to do nothing when I try to access it from a media client.

So I have no access to my media at all anymore. What am I missing? How do I fix this?


Try accessing the Twoinky Server page (ex: wdmycloud:9000), go to the Advanced page/menu option. There are several buttons at the bottom of the page. Try clearing the cache, then try rescanning content folders.

One other troubleshooting step. Check the Shares in the My Cloud Dashboard > Shares tab and ensure Media Serving is enabled for each Share containing media you want to stream.

Thanks for the reply. I should have mentioned I have already tried the things you suggested.

Media serving is enabled for the one Share I want to serve. (Public Access is off. Does that need to be on? It was never on in the previous firmware.)

Clicking Twonky’s “Rescan Content Folders” does nothing. The button shows that it is pressed when I click it, but nothing happens to indicate a scan has started. “Restart Server” does appear to work, but it doesn’t seem to start a scan.

At this point, I’m ready to revert to the previous firmware. Is that possible?

@RocketJSquirrel Have you already looked at this in the Dashboard?

Click on, tap or activate image to enlarge it.


I apparently had a bad firmware update. I had used the automatic update procedure and it resulted in the symptoms described above.

I manually re-downloaded the latest firmware and performed the manual update procedure. Now both servers have completed their scans and appear to be working. I can access via DLNA again, but I don’t think I have any Twonky clients to test.

The poor old WDMyCloud is so underpowered, it probably wouldn’t hurt to turn off twonkyserver altogether, but I haven’t found a way to do that yet. I wonder whether that’s possible?

Sorry for my panic and thanks to those who responded.