Media Server Vs Network Shares

Hey All,

 I am having an issue where I am able to play some files wirelessly via the network share method, but with alot of stuttering,  But I  am able to stream the same file via the media server method without any stuttering. What gives?

The part that’s paticularly strange to me is that using the Network Share method I can stream a DVD ripped to MKV format. Yet when I try to stream a AVI using the network share method the video lags and stutters.  But if I try to play the MKV and the AVI via the media server method I don’t get any stuttering?

A little about my set up,

1- Streaming through Wifi-N. I realize that wireless streaming could be atleast part of the cause, but it’s odd that I get no stuttering using the media server, but stuttering using the network share.

2- All files are stored on a HP Mediasmart running Windows Home Server 2007.

3- For the network share methodI have set up a user accont w/ password for the WD Live on the WHS. This user account has full access (write access)  to the video folder.

4- For the media share method I am using Windows media connect enabled on the WHS.  I have also tried Servioo. Both work.

If you have upgraded to the latest firmware, why not try and do a rollback and see if this fixes your problems, I have recently rolled back to 1.06.xx as I discovered that the latest 1.07.xx was very buggy.

Hope this helps.

having the same problem - some avi files (mp4) stutter when played via wifi from a windows share (myBook live). 

When I play the same file via “linux share” it plays great - but then all folder thumbnails disappear (movie library turned on)…