Media player won't get past start up


Our WD TV Live media player has stopped working.  It starts, but it appears stuck at the very first menu.  So the list that comes up to choose Video, Music, Photos etc does not do anything.  The remote can turn the media player on or off and I can see that it is loading the media from the external hard drive, but we are just stuck on Video.  I have unplugged everything, turned it back on, checked the hard drive by hooking it up to the computer.  Nothing is working.  We have not had any trouble with this before.  Don’t know if I need a new remote or it is something else??

Any help would be much appreciated - I have a husband and children on holiday and they need to be kept entertained!!! :slight_smile:

Sorry, but looks like your WD TV is faulty, contact WD support and replace it.