Media Player VOB (DVD) media files Menu function, is there any?

Hi all, i have recently purchased the TV Media Player and i’m unable to read about any reference to DVD menu functions on the cd-rom manual. I’ve also read on this forum concerning this issue that the Media Player has not got full DVD menu functions is that still the case? Even more importantly my question now is has it got any basic DVD (VOB files) menu function at all?? if so do i need the latest firmware update??

Any information on this topic is very welcome, thanx. 

There is currently no support for DVD / BD menus.

The only glimmer of hope is that the suggestion for DVD / BD menu support posted in the Ideas Lab got a lot of support and its Status is now ‘In Review’.  You can view it here:

WD are at least aware of the community’s desire for this feature and are considering it.

Probably too much to hope that it will come in the next firmware.

Hope that helps!  :)

Thank you for your time - this does answer my question.

A contemporary solution:

make from your dvd (video_ts en audio_ts maps) a iso-file with the free prog ImgTool Classics 0.91.7 {scroll down/ see example}

It will last 3 till 5 minutes for 1 dvd (real fast).

With -option- on WDliveTV you can choose language and subtitles.


Burning from an iso-file to a dvd = also fast (with f.i. clonedvd). The image is already done, so it directly starts with burning.