Media player - video

I read many issues about the media player, but the principal issue for many of us is when it will be available the possibility to forward or backward the playing video for the:

selected time

using the cursor key to forward or backward more than 16x (128x or 256x)

using the cursor key to forward or backward 5 to 5 minutes, or 10 to 10 minutes.

any of this updates would be great

I fall a sleep at the midle of a filme, is stupid to stare at the 16x forward speed image

is there a firmware to come, that will solve this issue???

Hello and welcome to the forum.  :)

It is already possible to skip forward or back in 10 minute jumps.

When in FF (x2 or above), press the NEXT button to skip ahead by 10 minutes.

When in RW (x2 or more), press the PREV button to skip back by 10 minutes.

Hope that helps.

Which is mentioned in the manual, BTW.

“NEXT: During Video FF mode, press to skip forward 10 minutes.”

that is correct i discovered that when i was playing around with the remote ;).

sorry about the post …

… but a media player bar  would be very nice.

I’m suffering from a tipical desease by the name RFM ( Read the [deleted] Manual)