Media Player resets and stalls at "Loading" when internet turned off

My WDTV Live Hub is connected to my local DHCP server and internal network of computers and NAS. Also connected via the router, is an internet modem.

The latest 3.17 firmware seems to require a permanent internet connection - I prefer to turn the internet off when not in use, however the Media Player will, after about ten minutes or so, reset and stall at the “Loading” logo.

The only fix is to reconnet the internet modem, or pull the ethernet plug out of the router/server and power cycle the player. 

I have checked the auto-update option to off - same problem.

I haven’t seen a similar complaint here so maybe it is my settings.

The DHCP server does provide a connection and the player claims that there is an internet connection when clearly there isn’t (modem off).

Any help or comment would be appreciated.

For local file access internet is not necessary, try rolling back to the older firmware and then reinstalling the latest again.

Thanks for your reply and comment - I agree, the internet should not be necessary for normal operation and it does function normally without the LAN lead connected.

I have rolled back and forward to the latest version - same problem - after 10 minutes or so, without the modem connected to the net, the player restarts and sits spinning at “Loading” - only fix is to power down, remove network plug and power up again.

Some points; the DHCP server issues a network address for local use, and a local gateway address for internet access - I note the the WDC player also interprets the gateway address as a DNS server address, which strictly it is not - the DNS server address is issued by the modem/ISP when it is connected and requested. With the internet modem turned off, when the network connection is tested for connectivity, the player reports the internet as being available.

I am presuming that one of the now myriad of subscriber services installed in the player is ‘calling home’ at predetermined intervals? If there is no DNS reply then the player is resetting - does this sound reasonable or is there something else that I could try?

Thanks again … PJ 

Solved but not understood entirely…

When the internet and DNS server is not availbe, my Netgear DHCP server replies with an HTML login screen when the local gateway is called (through the gateway and login, one controls the router etc). My presumption is that this login screen upsets the WD player when ‘something’ within it, is attempting to call home.  

By setting the network to fixed IP and disabling the router’s DHCP, the WD player will stay online without the internet and it will be available for all other devices on the local network.

Not the way I would like it but satisfactory none the less.

Interesting! Thanks for the follow-up.