Media organization

Hello folks! New here to the forums. First of all, I just wanted to say what a great product the WD TV Live is. It’s totally made my life easier with managing and viewing all the media I have! One question though, and I’m not sure if anyone else encountered the same problem I have: I just bought a 1.5TB WD Elements - I have lots of .avi, .iso and .mkv files for my viewing pleasure - I just don’t know how to organize them on the drive…any suggestions? This is what I’m thinking: I’ve read about organizing data for the past few weeks and the best idea is to create a separate folder for every movie with its own cover art, but then I would have a bunch of folders from the root of the device. Not sure if this is efficient. Anyway, any help would be appreciated.

This is how I have it:

Each Movie file in its own folder:


MOVIES Folder>

MOVIE NAME Folder (inside this folder: Movie File, Sub file, Movie Thumbnail)

and so on…



CONCERT NAME Folder (inside this folder: Movie File, Sub file, Movie Thumbnail)

and so on…



EPISODE NAME Folder (inside this folder: Movie File, Sub file, Movie Thumbnail)

and so on…

It works just fine for me. I don’t use the ALL VIDEO feature, I just navigate by folders.


I organise my media pretty much the same way as Willy.  :)

Square brackets indicate a folder.

Root >  [Film] > [Film Name] > Files 

Root >  [TV] > [TV Show Name] > Files 

Root >  [Anime] > [Anime Name] > Files 


I don’t give Episodes their own folder, although I can see why that might sometimes be a good idea.

All my media is shared via PC network shares and also PC media server, TVersity, for when network shares decide to be stupid.

Thanks for your input, folks. One thing though: I’m wondering if I should convert all my episode DVDs to individual episode files (.mkv, .avi, as such) or keep them as DVD .iso. Now that the Live supports menus, I’m sort of leaning towards DVD .iso. I don’t know, I’m just thinking out loud…

Heh.   I spent the last four months converting my DVDs to MKVs.   

Now I’m going to spend another few months re-ripping them to ISO.    :)   I just really like all the features of DVDs.

Am I going to keep the MKVs?  Absolutely.   They re-encode REAL quick for my iPod and don’t take a lot of room.

I have an 8TB NAS, so I think I can spare the room.   

I back up my MKVs, but I won’t back up the ISOs, since they’re already on disk…

But, don’t take my word for it.   

I have to agree. I like the idea of having virtual DVDs on my drive in the form of .ISOs. Thanks for all the help, folks! :slight_smile: