Media library wrong

Hey all recently got my dad to buy the WDLive streaming hub all was well but it seems to get the library wrong on the WD passport it was like this:

Movies (folder) > (list of movies) Tvshows(folder)

New Movies (folder)

I then changed it to



New Movies

But the streamer is still reading it the wrong way i have reset the content library a few times and that hasn’t corrected the issue. The passport is going though a router with readyshare active (so all can use it in the house).

If anyone knows whats up and how to correct it, it will be appreciated also is there anyway to save teh default location? as it currently stands its Browse Folders/Movies > usb storage > movies, etc is ter anyway to remove the usb storage part or am i stuck with that?

First off, does your dad have the Live, or the Live HUB?

Second, how is he connecting to this storage?   Via “Network Shares / SMB/CIFS”  or “Media Server?”

Hi Tony, the folders have actually sorted themselfs out im happy to say as for the version its this one here: it connects though Media Server.

When im at home and have more time look into using WDTVHubGen for the meta data i did try today for my dad but i only got the thumb nail image for some reason and the auto built into the device isnt doing anything that i can see

MEDIA SERVER -->  Any time you change the files (Move / Add / Delete)  You must manually update the SERVER.  In this case, the ROUTER.    

Sorting itself out likely means that it ran an update at some point on its own.

Ok thanks Tony and yeh router is set to update every 60mins may decrease that though thanks again