Media Library / Tv Shows

When I enter Videos using Media Library, and I have Folders view on, I will see “Movies” and “TV shows”, seems logical to me. My windows shares are \Movies\ and \TV Shows\ but then navigating into TV Shows gets clumbs since I dont have seasons in seperate folders. if I go into Seinfeld I have ~150 files and they are in 01, 01, 01, 01 order.  I can remedy that by red button and changing view to “TV Shows” and it now uses the metadata and its nicely ordered.  but now i cannot get to my movies under i change it back to “folders” view.

Am I going about this wrong? does it not recoginize what is a movie and what is a TV Show, why is there a “TV Shows” view but not a “movies”. I suppose i could put all the seasons in a season folder, but seems this is what metadeta is meant to allow the box to do for me…

The metadata should be taking care of this, but I been looking for this, TV Show option and I’m not able to find it.

Go to Videos, when when using My Media Library, and hit the GREEN button, you can then change the filter to ‘Tv Show’. This will arrange the show by series, but now you cant get to movies, unless you take of the filter. I find it odd there is no movie filter. 

I’m in the same boat, I have loads of films and many tv episodes, there doesn’t appear to be any easy way to seperate the 2, its a pain having to browse through hundreds of tv episodes to find a single film

Ideally i would like to have the Filters as :

  • All - Display everything
  • Movies - Display everything except tv series
  • TV Series - Display everything except movies

Another workaround would be if each TV Series was collapsed into a single entry, so instead of having to browse through 84 episodes of 24, I would have a single icon, clicking would then take me to an icon for each series, clicking again would then take me to each individual episode.