Media library re-scan... asking again

I have my network media library in a Windows shared folder and I configure the WDTV to re-scan medial library only in standby mode. So why doesn’t it re-scan when it’s in standby mode?!?

Steps to recreate:

  1. Put WDTV in standby mode (press power button on remote control)

  2. Using a computer on the network I copy new videos into the Windows share that WDTV uses as its content source

  3. Wait. 1 hour, 10 hours, 24 hours… doesn’t matter

  4. Turn WDTV on and check media library and NO new videos are in there

  5. I have to manually re-scan the folder to see the new videos

So what am I missing here? Is there an interval (30 mins, 60 mins etc.) that the WDTV is supposed to be re-scanning the folder when it’s in standby mode? Becuse it clearly doesn’t work.

Did you turn on the media library?

of course. as i mentioned the media library DOES display my videos, but only after a manual rescan of the folder.