Media Library needs write access to nas?

So I have been trying to set up the media library but it wants write access to my nas which I really don’t want it to have as you can delete and manage videos directly from the wd live device.  I also hate the fact that it fills my video directories with metathumb and xml files.

Is there anyway to add a network share to the media library without giving it write acess?

Is there any solution to this for example using a usb device as cache for the meta data?

Or will I just have to feed the WD live using media server option

Ok, you have a Live SMP, not a Live/Live+.   So your question should have been posted here:

But, yes, it must have WRITE access in order to save the media library database.

If you don’t want all that, then turn the thing back to READ mode, and don’t use media library.   

You might also try leaving it WRITE only long enough to compile the media library, then turn it back to Read-Only mode.

I’ve never tried that, but it might do what you want.

If you don’t want it to save XML and metathumb files, then don’t do content info collection.

Opps sorry about that.

But I will try what you suggested to see if that works.

thank you