Media Library: Movies marked as "unmarked"

Hi there, I’m using the media-library and have some external drives plugged to my box. When I’m Using the filter “Film” (I have the german Version so in english it must be “Movie”), it won’t show me all of the movies. There are several movies listed when I choise the filter “umarked”. But all those were shown under “Film” some time ago. So: What happend and why are they umarked? How can I remark them as a “normal” movie again? Whith the filter “folders” all is fine, but i have my movies on 2 diffrent external drives, so I want them all to be shown in the media library. Thanx for help

Hello there,

On this case you can connect the drives to a computer, on the root folder of the drives you should be able to see a folder called “.wdtv” try to delete this folder and this way the media library will be re created, lets see if this can help you out. You can try on one of the drives just to test.

Thanx - that helped!! I just wondered why only some movies were not shown.