Media library compilation problem

I have a 1.5 TB HDD attached to Media Live on USB port. When I switch on the Media Live (with the remote), it first scans the USB drive for approx 10 minutes, before it will allow me to browse folders. It also created a folder in the USB drive with the metadata when I did it for the first time.

However if I switch off the Media Live (with the remote) and then switch it on (with the remote) after sometime, it again scans the USB drive for 10 minutes eventhough the metadata already exists in the USB drive folder.

This makes the uage of Media Live very cumbersome especially when I quickly want to play some music or look at photos.

Is there something I can do to overcome this problem?

Connect the USB drive to your computer and delete the hidden folder labelled .wd_tv

This folder contains the information that the WDTV gets from scanning your disc and it may be corrupt.

When you reconnect the drive to your WDTV it will re-build this folder.

I have done as per your suggestion, but the problem persists. It recreated the folder in the USB drive (after I deleted it), but everytime I switch on the WD Media Live, it scans for approx 10 minutes…

Just how many files do you HAVE on that drive?

Plugging it into your PC and doing Right Click / Properties on the drive will tell you quickly…

I have 200 folders and about 8000 files including .doc, .ppt, .pdf.

System is Windows XP.

Total volume used on 1.5 TB disk is about 400 GB.

Well, that’s a lot of files…  It’s going to take the thing a lot of time to scan it.  

Yes, I can understand it taking 10 minutes to scan the USB drive, the FIRST time when it creates a folder in the USB drive - .wd_tv and stores the meta data of all the files and folders.

What I do not understand is that why it is taking the same 10 minutes to scan the subsequent times, when the metadata has already been created and stored in the folder - .wd_tv???

Because it scans EVERY time to see if there are any changes, like adding, deleting, or moving stuff.

It may not have to change the Metadata folder, but it takes that time to find that out.