Media library auto getting information

So I put all my movies in 1 folder and then added it to my media library. I choose to auto get the movie info.

To most it is OK, but some movies don’t get any info.

an Example is the movie Hercules with the rock.

I named all my movies to “movie name (year).format”

so it’s Hercules (2014).mkv

Is there another format to wich the auto info would appear?

I’ve read about thumbgen, but what is the difference between the auto info and that program?

I don’t keep all my movies as I buy them once they get available at a reasonable price in my country.

So the more automated the process is the better…

I guess the moviedb finds multiple possibility’s. Setting it to manual doesn’t seem to work, as I don’t find the option to actually get metadata while I have the movie selected (maybe doing something wrong)

Also, I have lots of movies that do get their coorect info, but no backdrops. How is that?

Are there just non available at the server for those movies?

To test, i created a dummy mkv file and named it     Hercules (2014).mkv

Auto Get Content, did not work for me either … but, Manually getting the Info/Thumbnail/Backdrops worked fine for me :smiley:

I know you “added it” to your Media Library … did you double check the “Media Library” is “On” … when it’s “On” you just press “Option” on the Movie and select “Get Content Info” …

If you can’t do this … then your Media Library is “OFF”

Setup > System > Media Library > On  ?



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uch, so stupid. 

I did turn the media library on, BUT I still was on network shares.

I pressed the red button and switched to the library and voila, now I do can select the movie.


thank you