Media invisible via both Library & Files view...but still on internal disk

Tonight, the kids requested to watch some family videos, so I browsed to the “Misc Videos” directory and got the “No media” message.  Confirmed that the Media Library was on and then tried via the Files approach. Still “No media.”

Went upstairs and got into the internal drive via a PC on the network and, yup, all the files are still there on the Live Hub’s internal disk.  But, the Live Hub itself doesn’t seem to realize it.

Any suggestions?  I’d rather not blow away and recreate the Library, as that takes about 5 hours for some reason.

an idea : rename the specific folder.

patatozor wrote:

an idea : rename the specific folder.


I’ve seen that as a solution for persistently missing folders, but this one was actually usable until a few days ago, so it doesn’t seem like renaming it would be needed.

I did turn off Media Library and could once again access everything, so it seems this is yet another of the Live Hub’s Media Library code being borked somehow.  

I hope WD gets this fixed, or it’s going back to Amazon; right now, it’s failing the WAF test.