Media Hub to PS3 problems

Hi all looking for some help,

I have searched for an answer but have been unable to find any clear answers. I bought my wd tv live media hub so i could watch my files through it onto my tv in my bedroom while also having the capability to stream to my ps3 in the living room. However it does not work very well with the ps3, the content is not organized the same way, and it does not display all of my files. so first off is there a proper way to organize your files.

mine is setup internal>ps3>movies

                                                    tv series


but it will only display the movies when i browse by folder. second when i try to play the movies it lags and then says datat not supported, when i know they will play directly from an external hard drive i have used before. so i know that the file format should be supported. i am frustrated because the hub advertises the ability to stream to the ps3 without lag, but it is not. I am using a netgear wndr37av which is a dual band gigabit router made specifically for this type of streaming. the hub is plugged into the router and the ps3 is connected through the wireless network. any advice is appreciated. thanks

Which version of the ps3 are you running?

i am using a slim 120gb ps3 running 3.56 firmware

if data is not supported then perhaps the ps3 is not able to decode the video…

i use ps3 media server to stream all my files to my ps3 or even the hub.

you can also have a look at tversity media server . It works fine!

thanks for your response.

I dont know if I am misunderstadning you, but are you saying i should stream to my ps3 and my hub, because ideally I would like to stream from my hub to ps3 with no files on my computer.

again thank you

The issue could be your network speed / signal strength.

Unfortunately, WD uses ambiguous and sometimes outright misleading error messages and the statement that a “file isn’t supported” could actually mean something completely different.

You mention that the files worked from an external drive; can you confirm that all the files you are trying to play would previously work from external storage directly attached to the PS3?

The PS3 needs to be supplied with files in specific containers and using specific codecs for it to work.  The Hub will happily provide the PS3 with a vast selection of different files but it won’t transcode them like a PC-based media server would. 

Assuming the files are fine, I would be looking at your network and seeing if you have enough bandwidth for the media you are trying to play.

thanks pixel power,

i can confirm that every file i am trying to play works when directly connected to the ps3. how powerful of a network would i need in order to stream from hub to ps3? i have a good router, (netgear wndr37av, n dualband gigabit router) but i only have dsl, 3mbps max download speed i believe. thanks for your advice.