Media Hub not recognized Blu ray .m2ts files

I am having issue where my media hub is not recognizing all of the Blu ray .m2ts files in folders.  It only plays the first one without going to a main dvd menu with chapters.  Regular DVD’s work fine.  This issue is only with Blu ray files.

The Hub doesn’t do menus for BD’s.

I can only see one file in each STREAM folder.  I can’t see main video file in the folder.  The only file that is displayed to play is the intro of the dvd, no subsequent files are available, though I know that they are on the Hub drive.  They are just not displayed by the unit to play.

It seems to be working now.  I think that when I turn off the Media Library Feature, I can see all of the files.  I’m not sure if there is any reason for this, but it works.