Media files missing from the media library?

I’ve just bought a MyCloud and I’ve got a few problems with it

I’ve noticed that there are some media files that I’ve got in my shared folders, that don’t appear when I access the same folder using XBMC on my laptop (or any other device such as my Nexus 7 with another media player).  Every folder I’ve checked has 1 or 2 files missing when I view using a media player.  If I copy a “missing” file to my laptop its seen, and plays with XMBC (or VLC) so the file is perfectly ok.

I’ve also noticed that when I rebuild the media library the number of files found is less then the number of files loaded. I’ve tried rebuilding it a number of times and it always comes up short.

Is there any reason why the files won’t show up in the media library?

Just to add I’ve found out how to access the Twonky Media Server on the drive, and the files are missing from that library as well, so the problem does lie with the MyCloud Library.

Are they also missing in the Twonky webbrowser?

Do you mean accessing the Twonky server via the browser? If so yes thats how I accessed it, using  http://wdmycloud:9000.

Going into the video library, Its missing the same files.


Anyone got any idea as to why perfectly normal avi’s do not appear in Twonky, and therefore on any of my devices?

about 10% of my media files don’t appear in Twonky.

I’ve just downloaded plex onto my laptop and it recognises all media, and plays perfectly.  This and the fact that I can’t  play media from the MyCloud it without it stuttering is the final nail in the coffin.

I’m taking this pile of junk back to the shop at the weekend. Its just not fit for purpose.