Media Compiling for days

I’ve have had my WD Live Hub for three weeks now and have had issues with the following items that maybe someone has experienced or can help me with:

  1. Media Compiling

I connected a 1gb WD external drive via USB port that has my music collection, about 100,000 files or so. The “hub” has been compiling now for three days straight. How long does this typically take? Every time I add an album it also seems it needs to re-compile the entire drive in order for it to show up also when I remove or change a file such as a playlist or redo the mp3 tag.

  1. ISO Files

Some will play, some won’t. I have to turn “DVD menu” on and off to get some of them to play. Also only the iso files that I have copied to the internal hard drive show up. ISO files on an external media server cannot be seen. I believe this last issue is being addressed by Tech Support in a future software release but still it’s annoying because it take three to four hours to copy a movie from the server to the WD Hub even if I connect it directly.

  1. Spotify

I went with the WD Live Hub because it is one of the few that supports the Spotify app. Most of my playlists in Spotify have missing songs because it doesn’t recognize the local songs added to them along with Spotify’s music.  If my android cell phone can recognize these files why can’t the WD Live Hub?

I’m running the latest firmware in the WD Live Hub and have tried older versions too. All of them seem to have some issues one way or another.  Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Now four days and no end in sight! I finally turned off the flashing WD because it was starting to annoy me.

About the compiling issue

looks like you are turning off the device instead of leaving on stand by

Acutually no it’s been on the entire time unless it crashes and I have to reset it which has happened. I was able to get around the issue of it constantly “compiling” by going to “System” - “Operation” - and setting the “Media Libary” to off. At least now I can use the files system to find and play a file. Like so many other issues with this device I hope they are addressed in future software updates.