MCM won't boot -- power LED constantly flashing blue

I just bought a Gen 2 and after a day or two of “mostly working” I can’t get it to boot. Whenever I power it on, the power LED starts out yellow and then shifts to constantly blinking blue. Both HDD LEDs start out and stay solid blue. Also, the fan stays on at what sounds like a high(er) speed. When it first started to do this, it would boot okay after having been powered down for awhile (like 1-2 hours), but now it won’t boot at all even if left off for several hours. I’m not sure what firmware it’s on, but it updated to whatever release was available on 1/29/16 (so, it might be 2.11.133).

The same trouble (and the same observations about LED and fans) I’m facing for several weeks. All my efforts to find a way to recover were useless. Last version of firmware 2.11.133 but the same trouble happens with the previous version 2.10.130 (not quite sure all the numbers) updated when the system was working after one week “of rest”, but only for a few hours then go back to the failed state.

WD Support informed me they don’t know this failure.

I logged a case with WD Support and they suggested the following action:

  1. With the unit powered on, press and hold the reset button and wait 30 seconds
  2. With the reset button still depressed, power the unit off and wait 30 seconds
  3. Again, with the reset button still depressed, power the unit on an wait 30 seconds
  4. Release the reset button and wait for the unit to finish booting (this may require some time if there’s a lot of data on it).
  5. To be clear, the first three steps involve depressing and holding the reset button for a total of 90 seconds without interruption.

Unfortunately, this did not work for me so I contacted Level 2 support. They indicated there are no other options and suggested returning the unit to the retailer. I’m willing to give another WD unit a try, but this is not a good first impression… :frowning: Although the hardware is a disappointment, I found WD support to be prompt, professional, and helpful.

Sorry about digging up this topic almost after an year.

Got exactly the same issue. Right now I’m trying to reflash the boot image using an UART cable, with no lucky.

Did you guys return your units?

Sorry to hear about your problems. I did return my MCM, but replaced it with an EX2100. So, I can’t address any other experience with the MCM.

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