MCM reset at each boot

Since I’ve bought my MCM, I’m confronted to a big problem.
First of all, everything WD related is fine, the main control panel does not reset itself, the problem comes when I use the SSH access.
I made symbolic links to be able to quickly access my important directories in the NAS’s hard drives, but, when I reboot, my symbolic links are disappearing, so I tried using a custom bash script set at boot-time using crontab. However, the file accessible using crontab -e is resetted at boot time as well as everything in /home/root.
I am also using PhpMyAdmin and Transmission, but their settings are also being resetted, which cause a big problem with PhpMyAdmin because my data is lost each time there’s a power failure or I reboot the MCM and an even bigger problem with Transmission because since I set the download folder not into Public/Transmission but into Public/Downloads, so at each boot everything is being moved around by Transmission to match the folder settings (and when you have over 400GB of data inside…).

So, is the OS running kind of like a Live CD or a Live USB ? If so, is there a way to store my data ?
And how can I run automatically a bash script at boot time ?


Hopefully an experienced User will be able to assist.

I hope so too.