MCH - Future Expectations


Hello mates,

Well, this topic is not really to discuss any particular idea because, as we can see, we’re not getting to any place with this. Most of the topics with suggestions are being ignored and we are not getting really helpful feedback.

What I would like (well, at least try) to do with this, is to try to get an answer related to the future of the product ? Can we expect to get some updates in the near future and get some of our requests (at least some of the basic ones) done ? Or we (customers) will be talking to each other in the forum without a real answer ?

The thing is, if you (WD) tell us clearly what we can expect things will be clear and we can decide if we keep with MCH or we move forward to other solutions but at least tell us something. Having a “My Cloud Ideas” sub-forum just to have customers talking to each other doesn’t make much sense.

Thank you in advance.

Cheers everybody,


Although WD doesn’t respond here, the information is reviewed by various teams for consideration.


What a brilliant reply!You said it like you didn’t!