MBWorld Blue Light and Time Machine

Hi, I bought a Macbook Pro recently with Lion and I’m trying to set Time Machine but it returns me an error: "The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features".

Reading the forums I found out that this problem has been solved for the rest of MyBooks but not for the old blue rings (500gb) models. I Upgraded the firmware and it still does not work.

I also tried to make a backup with Snow Leopard and it made the backup sucessfully.

Is there something else I can do? Do I just wait for a new upgrade? I’ve been searnching a lot and tried a lot of solutions but nothing works.

Thanks, Manuel.

download the latest firmware

thank you for your reply!

as i said in my first message i downloaded the last firmware yesterday

As far as I know, the MBW “Blue” light is no longer supported.

The changes in LION require new protocols on NAS boxes, and the MBW doesn’t have that.

You could try posting in the correct forum, too…

God I didn’t realise I wasn’t in the My Book World forum I’m really sorry. 

Do I ask a moderator to move it?

Moreover, about new protocols, I have read a note from WD saying that it is solved for other models of World Edition but not for blu rings.

Does someone know if WD will release an upgrade for the firmware? Or if it exist a hack?

I have read in this forum that WD won’t release more upgrades.

It’s sad that I could make backups in Snow Leopard and now I can’t for a little change in the OS.