MBWE (White Light) Error Messages


My MBWE 1Tb drive has just started throwing up the following errors:

[Volume Status] Volume ‘DataVolume’ is in degraded mode

[HDD SMART] HDD 4 SMART Health Status: Failed

All of the white lights flashing on and off together

Network Storage Manager tells me to look up the rectification procedure in the user manual.  The user manual does  not mention these errors.  Useful - Not!

Does anybody know what these errors mean and what can be done to rectify them please?

(I have tried the obvious power down/power up and searched all the advanced options but can’t find anything relevant.)

Many thanks

It sounds like one of the drives in your unit may have failed. If you have any data on the unit I would make sure that you have a backup copy of it if you can. Then power cycle the unit and go into the Network Storage Manager and see if it lists what drive has failed. You can view your drives by going to Advanced Mode > Storage tab > Disk Management. This should be covered in the Manual on page 122. If you have a single drive unit you may need to replace the entire unit, if you have a dual drive My Book world then you should be able to replace the bad unit.